#WhatsMyName *Updated to include the website created by Samantha Josephson’s parents. Please support their mission. Click the link below to learn how you can help. Samantha JosephsonOur mission is to educate the world on ride share safety and the simple precautions one can take to ensure no other family has to suffer this unspeakable tragedy….

The Biggest Test You Should Prep for Isn’t the SAT

You can earn a perfect score on the SAT and still be rude. Or lazy. Cruel, bad at collaborating, mean to animals, close-minded or a have a host of other characteristics that equate to becoming a subpar human. There are so many things more important than a perfect score. Like everything listed here:

The One Question You Should Always Ask Your Teen Before They Head Out the Door

“Do I have everything?” My college roommates and I used to ask that every time we walked out the door to go somewhere. None of us carried a purse so it meant a quick pocket check to make sure we had what we needed to study at the library (or drink at the bar if…

Welcome to Fool’s Spring, SATs, and Genius Ideas to Combat Dreaduary

February. Dreaduary. Am I right? And no, I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater. We’re holiday people around here, so we’re all about heart shaped foods on the big day. Pink heart shaped Rice Krispie treats are our specialty.  But the rest of the month is not exactly my fav. If you’re on the same page,…

Who to Call When You Lose Your Car and How to Avoid Trouble that Might Lead to 17 Phone Calls to Mom and Dad in One Day.

I made a New Year’s Resolution to try new things/experiences in 2019, and I’m soon to have 2 kids in college, so the things on the list need to be on the cheap (but still fulfilling) side. Easier than it sounds, I swear. Thing number one was a poetry slam. RVA peeps, check out The Writer’s…