Hello Fall. Goodbye Summer 2019 — I Hated You.

The summer of loss and relentless life punches. Every time I tried to catch my breath and find my balance, I couldn’t. And every time I sat down to write, I couldn’t do that either. Empty, helpless, overwhelmed, stymied by not knowing how to say or write what I needed. I didn’t pick up a book or put hands to a keyboard for months. For a girl who usually finds solace in words, it was an agonizing void. Here’s a recap of what went down, and why I shut down. 

“Don’t be sorry, Help us”: The Best Response I’ve Ever Heard From a Grieving Parent

This is personal.  And if you’re a human, living on this planet, it should be personal for you too. It has to be. On June 30th I read this facebook post from a friend:  To my dear sweet beautiful boy:   How in the world do we move on without you in our lives? There has…

Summer Jobs the Next Generation

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”  ~Al Bernstein June equals freedom, amiright? There is something so deliciously freeing about having a reprieve from the school schedule. Especially for parents. No more exams, projects, lunches, carpools. No more texts, e-mails and phone calls from school. Ours used to send a Sunday night…

Summer Jobs

Sometimes they’re lemons, bitter and hard, and sometimes they’re cool, sweet refreshing lemonade.

I hope your kids have some of both.

When all You Want is a Burrito

“You’re gorgeous. Wanna go out sometime?” Not offensive right? Would you go so far as to say it’s a compliment? Me too. But what if your daughter got that text? From someone she didn’t know. Who delivered food to your house. When she was home alone.  Feeling less okay?  Me too. I get a little…